Note: Before you start downloading any of these apps, make sure to have a rooted Android. I’ve posted a tutorial of this on my blog, MrBosski.

In modern times, every sport has very prestigious event or championship held in one part of the world. This event or championship is watched by millions of fans on television sets through live telecast. But if you are not able to watch live matches of a particular event or several events because of prior commitments, there is no need to worry as there are Android apps dedicated to these championships that you can install on Android Watch a match anytime you so desire or learn about the stats or scores to remain updated with the fortunes of your favorite teams and players.



If you find yourself in the grip of football fever in a year when FIFA World Cup is taking place, then there is the FIFA mobile to care of your concerns. It brings everything related with FIFA World Cup to your mobile screen in real time. You are always in touch with stats related to your favorite teams and players and feel more in control as long as the World Cup continues.



If you are crazy about NFL and the players representing your favorite teams, there is an easy means to keep you informed and updated on NFL all the time. It is NFL Mobile that you need to download on Android to satisfy your thirst for scores, stats, player profiles, and everything else connected with NFL.



If you love IPL, the premier cricket league from India, it is not enough to just watch the live matches on television or read newspapers to stay updated on the fortunes of all the teams and players. You need to download the official IPL mobile from the Android platform in your phone to stay updated on the fortunes of all the teams and players.

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